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Bigfoot Museums of California

When it comes to Bigfoot museums, Californians have an embarrassment of riches. They have two great museums, one in the north and one near the bay area, along with access to known Bigfoot country. That means many people in the state are only a day trip away from a fascinating time looking at artifacts, gathering lore, and seeking out the hairy cryptid.

Below, we are going to take a look at both of California’s notable Bigfoot museums and one can’t-miss highway.

Bigfoot Discovery Museum | Felton, CA

This cozy little Bigfoot believer sanctuary is owned and operated by Mike Rigg. A portly old man with a big white beard, Rigg began the museum over a decade ago after a long life of avid collecting. The considerable selection on display is housed in a small cabin off a lonely highway, but if you take your time to really soak in everything, it would take days to work through the whole collection.

Like most museums, it has plenty of evidence: plaster casts of footprints (wouldn’t be a Bigfoot museum without these), skulls, and even possible Bigfoot fecal matter. There’s also a cornucopia of pop culture memorabilia, with Bigfoot chotskies of every conceivable variety.

The atmosphere is captivating and inviting with walls of books and newspaper clippings. The dioramas are fun, homemade, and informative. The plethora of Bigfoot sculptures in the yard lend the entire outfit the air of a woodsy installation art piece. Altogether, it is a strange nook of cryptozoological lore and information humming with serious California vibes.

Plus, the museum is free to the public, making it attractive for families and large groups to visit. Located near Santa Cruz, there are plenty of natural sites in the area to recommend it for a vacation spot.

Find them at:

5497 Hwy 9

Felton, CA 95018

Willow Creek-China Flat Museum, Willow Creek, CA

Started in 1988, the Willow Creek-China Flat Museum is dedicated to regional history, not just Bigfoot. But let’s be honest, their Bigfoot collection is what puts them on this list.

One of the first things you’ll notice when pulling up to this folksy museum off the Trinity highway is their 25 foot mega statue of Bigfoot who guards the building. Inside, they educate visitors on life in Humboldt and Trinity counties in the 1800’s and much earlier, with plenty of artifacts from the tribes that lived there long before the US was founded. Their plot of land includes a period accurate blacksmith’s shop and miner’s cabin.

Given Bigfoot’s modern origins in Humboldt county, they developed an entire wing to their growing collection of donations regarding the cryptid. What this museum gives the visitor is not just the same old Bigfoot artifacts but also the grander historical context of the area from which it came. That makes it an especially eye opening and educational experience for the believer.

The museum’s website recommends visitors ask staff for Bigfoot stories from the region, and of course, visitors are encouraged to share their own stories.

Find them at:

38949 CA-299

Willow Creek, CA 95573

Bigfoot Highway

As a special bonus, while you are on your way to the Willow Creek-China Flats museum, Bigfoot believers in California should take their time touring the Bigfoot Highway.

While not technically a museum, it is a chance to see the country that gave birth to the first plaster casts of Bigfoot’s namesake as well as the Patterson-Gimlin film.

Started as a US National Forest Scenic Byway, this 89-mile trek will send you through stunning sights and plenty of Bigfoot themed roadside attractions. You’ll see the Hoopa Valley Reservation, winding rivers, and misty gorges. And if you’re lucky, who knows, you might even see a Bigfoot.

It’s a great way to begin or cap off a Bigfoot adventure, gaining a candid view of the untamed land that Bigfoot roams. And it helps us remember the importance of maintaining these places, stewarding them for all the creatures that call the area home, even the ones we haven’t proven yet.


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