Elevator Operator
Elevator Operator at Hops & Crops Festival in Kent, WA
Open Space Vashon Music
Elevator Operator
Elevator Operator
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Open Space Vashon Music
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Deja Liloquy

Born in Ithaca NY, 1988, I was introduced to guitar at the age of 17. This journey into music became my personal pinnacal of aesthetic expression at the age of 21. The genres fueling these influences were, and still are: folk, gospel, soul, blues, funk, and various forms of indie rock.

2011 was a year of crucial musical awakening for me. I was connected, spiritually committed to developing my ability in good taste. I’ve embraced the healing energy of music through my personal anathema of painful and despondent times, smiling up from the bottom of a well (figuratively). I have had a long history of feeling the conundrum of depression. And certain music has been a source of recourse in the face of my disposition with the various struggles we experience in this life.

I have been working on myself, reinventing myself, autonomously acclimating my being in true sentience. My intent includes, clear perceptions to see others as they truly are, and to know myself. I desire fearless authenticity, and pray for more of us to develop universal compassion and reverance for each other. Also to have a lighthearted, good sense of humor 😉

The novelty of this musical art form has left me spellbound from the beginning. It is truly the most wonderful thing that’s happened to me. I took a few lessons early on, but mostly learned from jammin’ and youtube lessons. At 26 I was profoundly moved by the psychedelic feeling felt from playing the blues, and other peculiar styles of transcendental arrangements.

Since then I have been familiarizing my mind to this instrument in a whole new way. Mixing major and minor scales in a harmonic and melodic way to convey expressive motifs that lend themselves to the essence of each song. It requires countless hours, developing techniques that feel most natural for my hands to enact.

Through the ups and downs of this journey, I have recognized how playing guitar provides a secure foundation to keep me grounded in this purpose: to participate in this medium of elegant, artistic expression and to be active in the community.

I’ve been in a handful of bands previous to Elevator Operators, which has indubitably contributed to my development. The courage and earnest intent to make the most of what I have to work with has led to joining this original band. From the bottom of my heart, I truly love and admire the beautiful souls who are my bandmates. I am thankful to collaborate and perform with this creative collective of musical artists to uplift you with these stories presented in song. My wish for you is to experience your highest joy, beautiful inspiration, pristine balance, and a lasting upgrade in enthusiasm for life! And for our dreams to come true and surpass the convalescence of our apotheosis!