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Is Bigfoot A Multidimensional Being?


 Sightings of Bigfoot have always sparked a wide range of reactions. The FBI Bigfoot investigation into the phenomenon appears to be out of concern for public safety — though there was a low likelihood the cryptid was a KGB asset. Still others view Bigfoot as simply an elusive primate species undocumented by biologists. 

But there are other interpretations that point to a more hopeful message. 

What if Bigfoot isn’t from here? Or rather, what if he is visiting from another dimension? And what if he is visiting humans with some kind of message or to help us in some way? 

This Multidimensional Bigfoot Theory is controversial for obvious reasons, but if we look a little further, things do add up in an interesting way. 


First, let’s go ahead and address the biggest difficulty people have digesting this theory. Theoretical physicists are more and more buying into the idea that dimensions exist far beyond a human’s ability to perceive them. 

Humans developed their senses to survive. Humans only need to see food sources, predators, and each other. Same with hearing, touch, taste, smell, and our other senses. If there are dimensions that we don’t need to experience to survive, we likely won’t develop the capacity to. 

And yet, computational neuroscientists are saying our brains — the very things incapable of perceiving other dimensions — might use these other dimensions to create consciousness. Even though we can’t experience them, our bodies use them. 

Kind of spooky. 

So the idea of dimensions existing beyond human understanding isn’t all that controversial in itself. In fact, it seems highly unlikely that people would have the ability to perceive all of existence. Not only would it be a waste of brain power, it would also be a confusing mess to figure out what is a ripe fig and what is an otherworldly being’s tentacle. 


Multiple dimensions are all fine and good, but what does it have to do with Bigfoot? If Bigfoot can slip in and out of dimensions, many common features of Bigfoot sightings stop sounding strange and start sounding obvious. 

As we know, the maddening thing about most Bigfoot and Sasquatch sightings is that the creature appears and disappears unlike any other animal. Tracks are found with nothing leading to or from them. Bigfoot steps behind a tree and then is gone. 

For such a large creature to slip through our fingers for so long, we have to start asking why. Bigfoot sightings have been going on for millenia, and yet we can never get close enough to really study the creature. There has to be an explanation. 

Bigfoot appearances are often connected to UFO’s. The prevalence of UFO sightings in the same times and places as Bigfoot sightings is certainly compelling. As the US Navy has confirmed the presence of UFO’s, it is also tempting to put them together, using the existence of one to justify the other. 

If UFO’s have the technology to create portals through dimensions, Bigfoot might be using them, either piggybacking or in collaboration. This is only one possibility. 

There is another route to Bigfoot tripping the light fantastic through dimensions. This explanation says more about Bigfoot as a creature, rather than as a friend to alien beings. What if Bigfoot simply is a multidimensional being in his own right? What if he has the power to walk through dimensions himself? 


The idea that Bigfoot is multidimensional himself aligns with certain spiritual experiences surrounding him. 

Psychic connection to Bigfoot is not uncommon. In fact, there are retreat events built around that exact activity — probably the coolest summer camp ever. And Native American people have been in physical and psychic contact with Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest, referring to the creature as the “keeper of the woods.” 

Apart from these more direct experiences, consider the trend in Bigfoot sightings. The heightened mental states that accompany the events suggest that Bigfoot has a large psychic footprint on those around him — bigger, in fact, than his famously large literal footprint. 

Of course, some of that heightened mental state might have to do with seeing a hairy, upright being strolling the woods. But when connected to other stories of telepathic communication, one begins to wonder. 

The reason we should discuss this psychic angle at all is to consider how Bigfoot travels dimensions and find out what this multidimensional being is doing here in the first place. What we learn from the psychic encounters is that he is benign. It also points to a creature with powers mysterious to us. 


Let’s lay out what we know about Bigfoot’s behavior as it relates to his mission here on earth: Bigfoot is not aggressive, does not seek to harm anyone or anything, and has a reputation as a guardian with those people who know him best. 

Let’s go through each point in turn. First, Bigfoot does not attack people who see him. No matter how close people get, this never angers or provokes the creature. That suggests, at the very least, he isn’t here to hurt us. It also means that he is not afraid of us, probably because he can appear and disappear at will. 

The previously mentioned tribes of the area — the Klamath, Modoc, and Paiute — consider him a guardian figure. And what do guardians do? They watch over things. Is there a better way to explain the similarities among all the mountains of Bigfoot sightings? 

If we accept that dimensions exist above and beyond human understanding, and if we allow the hypothesis that Bigfoot might have some command over these dimensions (either through his own power or with help from his little green friends), then we can make sense of the strange nature of Bigfoot sightings. 

If we listen to the reports from people who’ve had the most contact with Bigfoot, both physically and telepathically, we can make sense of why Bigfoot hangs around: as a guardian. 

The Multidimensional Bigfoot Theory goes a long way in explaining what otherwise is unexplainable. While at first it sounds implausible, when taken point for point, maybe it’s not so out there after all.


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