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Is Bigfoot an Alien?

There are many, many theories about Bigfoot. And the origins of the cryptid are still up for debate. We can adapt a certain saying and state: wherever there are two Bigfoot researchers, there are three theories of Bigfoot’s origins.

The scientific materialist minded believers stand firm: Bigfoot is a fellow hominid. Others, as we have covered before, believe that Bigfoot is a dimension-hopping creature, who can be spiritually contacted. A third camp believes that Bigfoot is a member of an alien species, a visitor from the stars.

That third camp has more than one group inside of it. There are many compelling reasons to follow the argument for extraterrestrial origins, with many paths in. Let’s explore some of those paths today.

The UFO Connection

We’ve talked about the connection between UFO and Bigfoot sightings. Where one occurs, the chance for the other to follow greatly increases. That is an important link in and of itself. Both phenomena are rare, and so any correlation is a hopeful sign that something is going on between the two.

Economist Peter Leeson studied this connection closely, plotting UFO and Bigfoot sightings in the United States. What he found was startling. When you list the top ten states for UFO and Bigfoot sightings, six occur in both: Alaska, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Washington, and Oregon. With Washington and Oregon high on both lists.

Dr. Franklin Ruehl takes a more ethnographic approach. He has collected many eye witness accounts that include UFO and Bigfoot elements in the same experience. Together with Leeson’s work, the correlation is very convincing.

If we go ahead and play with the idea that there is a causal link, and not just a correlative one, we still can’t strictly say that Bigfoot is in command of the UFOs. It is possible that alien visitors are coming to examine the world, and they are big fans of Sasquatch and are interested in observing them. But many researchers believe the link is deeper, that the Bigfoot can use these interstellar craft.

If you hold onto that thought for a minute, you see that it explains some things. Following the evidence we have of Bigfoot’s existence, one lingering question continues to dog you. Why haven’t we found a body? If Bigfoot is coming here on expeditions using advanced travelling techniques, it becomes much more probable that we wouldn’t find remains. It also becomes more probable that despite their size, Bigfoot could easily come and go without being detected for more than fleeting moments.

What Bigfoot is doing here, how they came to control flying machines, and what that means for the origin of Bigfoot and even life on this earth are hanging questions. But buckle up now, because the theories get way more far out.

The Unified Paranormal Field Theory

The Bigfoot-as-Alien camp includes people who believe in something even larger. They see a connection between the big mysteries behind crypto- and ufology — and they don’t stop there. Paranormal researchers like William Hall have noted that there are not only striking similarities between Bigfoot and UFO sightings but also ghost sightings.

The connections become fairly clear when laid out. Orbs of light, brief encounters, strange noises, and often unexplainable changes in the surrounding area. With similar “footprints,” one might imagine that they are all united in some way.

In fact, given how little we know about all three, the broad similarities are spooky. Why couldn’t they be connected? The fields involve activity we don’t have a good understanding of, but what we do know about all three seem to connect them.

Of particular interest are the orbs of light. Bigfoot researchers continue to have their experiences with the glowing orange balls floating in the forests they are tracking in. When evidence and sightings lead groups of researchers to an area, they carefully observe it through the night. It is compelling that those nights bring this seemingly unrelated event.

Those orbs are also common in hauntings, and they represent the vast majority of photographic evidence for ghostly visitors.

Once you take this unified paranormal field theory approach, the implications of finding Bigfoot expand. You can begin to follow a much greater amount of leads — though you could risk your research becoming too vague. The entire theory of the hunt changes. There is a much wider variety of tools at your disposal.

For instance, in an area where there are many eye witness sightings of Bigfoot but no hard evidence, you could turn your cameras to the night sky. Capturing UFO activity could also feed back into your Bigfoot tracking.

Ghosts are the middle children of the three. Many Bigfoot and UFO researchers firmly believe in science-friendly explanations of both. Yet ghosts are in direct contradiction to a scientific materialist worldview. But then, maybe there is a way out. If ghost activity is seen more as localized UFO activity, just as Bigfoot is, then there is a new way to handle the rather common experience of ghosts — one that conforms to a less supernatural outlook.

What It All Means

If Bigfoot is an alien, we have to come to terms with several new questions. Bigfoot is so similar to humanity that it is almost certain we are linked. Similarly, we are linked with other primates. Using DNA, we can follow this trail through the entire realm of the Earth’s biosphere.

But if Bigfoot has control of UFO’s — and if that activity is linked to a wide range of unexplainable paranormal phenomena — then we need to reexamine what we think we know about life on Earth. Did Bigfoot develop this technology while evolving alongside humanity? Or is life here seeded from Bigfoot’s home planet (a la the panspermia hypothesis)?

In other words, the implications of Bigfoot being an alien are enormous, spilling out far beyond the realms of crypto- and ufology. Its confirmation would be the complete rewriting of so much history. Making the idea all the harder to ignore.