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What do Bigfoot and Strange Lights in the Sky Have in Common?

Bigfoot sightings are exciting events, often fleeting, frequently disorienting. When a Bigfoot sighting occurs, it seems to break people out of their everyday understanding of what is real and what isn’t. That disturbing experience is made even more disturbing by the fact that such sightings are often accompanied by UFOs in the sky and/or orbs of light travelling through the forest. 

This coupling of paranormal encounters is difficult to explain, and many UFOlogists and Bigfoot researchers do not like to follow the line of questioning that arises. Because both groups experience so much discrimination and rejection from the scientific community, the instinct in both camps is mainly to distance themselves from any other group dealing in controversial research. 

By separating Bigfoot research from the question of UFOs, the only thing one needs to prove is Bigfoot. Once you add in the potential link to extraterrestrial life, things get a lot more complicated. And while many lay people who believe in one are not hesitant to entertain the existence of the other, cryptid and UFO experts want to bring legitimacy to their respective fields, if only to gain access to the institutions, tools, and resources that might come to their research should they become legitimized. 

So this is a big problem in linking these phenomena. But we shouldn’t let those concerns stop us from discussing it. The entire point of looking through Bigfoot information is to keep an open mind about what you uncover. Let’s keep an open mind. 


Due to the potential national security threat that visitors to our planet pose for the countries of the world, UFOs have been much more thoroughly investigated by governmental agencies than Bigfoot. In the United States, the FBI, Navy, Air Force, and CIA have all launched thorough investigations into the matter. 

We know for certain that something is going on. Just in the last decade, multiple Navy forces around the world have released video footage of UFOs, most famously the US and Chile. These videos depict incredibly similar flying craft, large enough to get a radar lock and flying at incredible speeds and at angles impossible for our flying technology. 

When multiple governmental agencies around the world are willing to open up about evidence for something as controversial as UFOs, one gets the feeling something big is going on. Of course, video of UFOs does not prove their origin is from space. But it certainly suggests something technologically advanced beyond current human capabilities is flying around in our airspace. 

Possibly related are light orbs that have appeared closer to the ground. These have also been documented in areas that are notorious Bigfoot hot-spots. Their behavior differs from the traditional UFO account in that they stay relatively close to the ground and travel laterally before disappearing. These orbs are technically flying objects, but accounts of them appear distinct enough to keep in their own category. 

What, you should be asking, does all this talk of proof for UFOs have to do with Bigfoot? 


Given that UFOs are well documented, it is strange that so many Bigfoot researchers are hesitant to explore their link to sightings of the tall hairy cryptid. 

First of all, let’s explore what we mean by a “link.” 

The first kind of link is purely geographical. These involve locals in an area having regular sightings of both UFO’s and Bigfoot or other cryptids. Consider Dulce, New Mexico, where there are frequent reports of both kinds. This has led to people in Dulce correlating the two. This makes sense. Because both are uncommon events, the likelihood of them occurring regularly in the same place seems low without there being some kind of connection. 

The second kind of link is more direct. Here there are UFO and Bigfoot phenomena occurring at or around the same time and in or around the same place. The CIA researched just such a case in the 1960’s. This kind of link leaves less doubt that there is some connection between the two. In fact, many cases leave zero doubt of their direct connection — so long as the accounts are to be believed. 

The prevalence of both kinds of links points out the biggest problem in both fields of research: we don’t know a lot about spacecraft or cryptids. One could argue that our lack of knowledge comes from institutional resistance to acknowledging UFOs and Bigfoot, and that leads to a paucity of resources that inhibits the gathering of new knowledge. It’s a vicious circle, but if we could overcome it from complaint alone, there’d already be a Federal Bureau of Bigfoot. 


Because we don’t know a lot about either one, their connection creates more questions than answers. If we are to construct a theory, we might start with the most obvious one: Bigfoot is in control of UFOs. 

Even if this is the case, it is unlikely that Bigfoot is extraterrestrial. Bigfoot is clearly related to humans. The odds are astronomical that such a creature could develop on a different planet and wind up so similar to us while also finding us in the unimaginable vastness of space. The fossil record also clearly shows that humans evolved on Earth, and so, if there be a Bigfoot among us, it must have evolved here as well. 

But how would Bigfoot develop such fantastic technological capabilities while leaving no trace of it for us to find? That leads us to the next big theory: that some alien species either created Bigfoot to bring here for observation or are interested in observing Bigfoot. 

This second line of thinking solves some of the problems from the first, and yet there is still that lingering question. Why? 

We don’t know. Just as we don’t understand how to build the craft witnessed in UFO sightings, we don’t understand what these craft are doing here and why they are connected to Bigfoot. All we do know for certain is that, whether by chance or cause, there is a connection.


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